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Treatment Preparation & Precautions

From time to time, exteriors of homes, out-buildings, garages, cottage suites and studios, as well as commercial and industrial buildings need proper professional treatment for insects, rodents and animal intruders.

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The following questions and answers will shed some light on how we can help rid your property of pests.

Pre-Application Preparation:

  • Move all items such as toys, lawn furniture, bicycles, garden tools, BBQ’s, bird feeders & pet dishes well away from areas to be treated. No spray, dust or granular should land on any personal use items!
  • Be sure to cover any item you cannot move away from the house that you do not want the pesticide to land on. Good examples are fishponds and food containing pots or garden beds.
  • In most cases, we need access to water to make an EPT application. Please make sure that your water is on!
  • Pets and any younger children should either be away from the building or safely inside.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed and nothing is drawing air into the building.
  • If the building to be treated is open to the public or occupied by more than one family, a Notice of Application must be posted 24 hours before the application.

Post Application Precautions:

  • You, your pets, and children should stay inside or away from the building until the pesticide has dried or settled. On a warm day, liquid applications are usually dry in half an hour. Depending on the amount of wind, dusts and granules generally settle very quickly.
  • Prolonged direct contact with treated surfaces should be avoided.
  • If you are concerned that some spray, dust, or granule ended up on something you do not want it on, flush the item with copious amounts of water over an area where runoff will not contaminate something else you do not want it on. If you need to hold onto the object to move or clean it, wear nitryl disposable gloves being careful not to get any on you. Rubber boots and a waterproof apron can help with this. Placing the object on the lawn under a sprinkler is a good way to avoid direct contact with it until it is clean.
  • If possible, do not water close to the structure for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not paint or wash the building for as long as possible as both will remove the pesticide. Sweeping or dusting is okay.

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