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They are the acronym for an Exterior Perimeter Treatment.

It is the application of a residual pesticide outside of a building.

When your tolerance for pest activity is surpassed or you or your property is being harmed by it.

To adversely affect (slow or stop) insects trying to enter or exit your home, business or other valued structure.

Toxicity will depend on what is used, how much is used and where it is applied. Applied correctly, an EPT should not cause undue harm to occupants or the surrounding environment.

Again, depending on what is used, how much is used and where it is applied, an EPT will typically, last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

If it is a liquid, it will be applied as a crack and crevice and/or broadcast spray.

Dusts are most often applied under enclosed areas and delivered through an electronic duster. Granules are usually distributed by hand or with a handheld spreader unless they can be dissolved in water.

Posts, footings, foundations, window and door frames and sills, siding, service lines and vents and their chases, decking, garages, carports, sheds, eaves, gables, roofs, hot tubs, wood piles, crawlspace skirting, rim joists, planters, retaining walls, fencing and gates attached to the building, stairs, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and adjacent ground and vegetation.

Usually, we apply about a meter up from the ground, deck or porch and a meter out from the building. At corners, we typically spray up 2-3 meters from the ground.

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