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Due to the coast-wide labour shortage, unprecedented weather, and growth in population, we are currently unable to respond to all of our clients in a timely fashion.

We want to help you, but are presently booked 2 months in advance and only responding to emergencies for our regular clients.

We recognize every potential client as important, but simply do not have the workforce to meet the demand. Please be assured that we our doing are utmost to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Our Team is grateful for your kindness and patience as we take care of each customer in the order we received their request.

Kindly read the following important info:

  • We are unable to respond quickly to the overwhelming amount of phone calls we are receiving.
  • FOR SERVICE: please call us at (604) 886-1977 or submit a contact form and understand that we are assisting all of our customers as fast as possible. We will not be able to return your call or email right away.
  • >>> Provide ‘clear and concise information’ on your pest issue and a very flexible date range for requested service.
  • >>> Please pass along that WE ARE HIRING! to anyone you know that is looking for meaningful employment on the Sunshine Coast. *See below…

For our prospective employees, we offer:

  • A decent wage and rewards, e.g. bonuses, on the Sunshine Coast
  • Flexibility with hours and work days
  • A very positive work environment & meaningful employment
  • Everyone is welcome to apply, including women, students, summer employment and semi-retired people!
  • A profession that is pretty much recession-proof and is always interesting and rewarding
  • Click here to apply today!put “JOB APPLICATION” in the subject.

Both of our technicians have told us that they have never worked for a better employer or company. We have a wealth of information, so anyone who comes to work for us is going to learn from one of the best. We invite you to apply!

Sunshine Coast Pest Control is a family-owned pest control company with 40+ years of experience in this field. Since 1976, three generations of our family have joined in the business of pest control.

Our president, Ron Dickinson, is an Entomologist – an insect expert. Ron has rigorously trained all of his staff to be adept at finding and solving pest problems that most others cannot. Our entire staff of government-certified professionals use the latest in technology and have a high success rate for ridding homes of pests.

Ron Dickinson
Sunshine Coast Pest Control Ltd.

(604) 886-1977
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