About Sunshine Coast Pest Control & Health Services Ltd.

Sunshine Coast Pest Control & Health Services is a family-owned pest control company with 35 years of experience in this exacting field. Since 1976, three generations of our family have joined in the business of pest control.

Dependable and Courteous

In fact, we’re the Sunshine Coast’s #1 provider of pest control for homes, businesses, industrial and marine facilities from Earl’s Cove to Port Mellon and everywhere in between. Our results have earned enthusiastic testimonials from clients, who find our technicians to be dependable, professional and courteous.

Respecting the Earth

At Sunshine Coast Pest Control, we respect the natural world and prefer to use non-toxic methods when possible. After all, we all have to live on the same Earth!

Our Mission Statement

Sunshine Coast Pest Control strives to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional service by every member of our team.

There are many reasons for seeking the services of a pest control company. Most of the clients at Sunshine Coast Pest Control rely on our services not because they have specific pest problems, but to avoid them. Partnering with our clients to meet individual needs is why we have remained successful for over 35 years.

Call Now!

Call us today and experience our excellent customer service and successful results. And feel free to call us 24/7 in an emergency – the phone number’s the same.

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